Whale Sharks

To swim with the world’s largest shark is top of the list for all divers – but how many people can say that they were actively involved in the conservation of this incredible animal?

Africa Diver can arrange a whale shark package that will not only get you eye ball to eye ball with this gentle giant but will also ensure that your experience will help scientists piece together one of the oceans greatest mysteries – whale shark migration.

Using photographic identification and a sophisticated computer software programme you will be taught how to submit data into an internationally recognised global database that tracks and monitors whale shark movements.
To find out more about whale shark conservation and research trips email info@africadiver.co.uk

There are many countries around the world to choose from for your whale shark experience – having personally worked in many of these locations Africa Diver has first-hand knowledge that will help you decided where to go to suit your time frame and budget. Choose from dive packages and research projects in Mozambique, Seychelles and Honduras.

Seasons and locations:

  • Mozambique: November - April
  • Seychelles: August – October
  • Honduras: March - April